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At Diamond Forest we receive many questions concerning our products or services. Please feel free to contact us if your question is not listed below or you wish to speak to a representative.



Q: What are the advantages of wooden pallets vs. plastic 
     or metal pallets?
A: Wood is the only renewable resource and is very 
     environmentally friendly. It has a good strength-to-weight
     ratio and is easily constructed. Another advantage is 
     that wood can be coated to be moisture resistant, fire-
     retardant and anti-abrasive. Wooden Pallets are also 
     much lighter than metal pallets and do not emit the toxic 
     fumes that plastic emits when burned. Remember the 
     three R's of wood: Renewable, Repairable and 

Q: Does Diamond Forest Resources offer a repair service?
A: Diamond Forest offers a wide variety of services 
    including: pallet repair, pallet retrieval/remediation, pallet 
    exchange, pallet banking and pallet design. Let us 
    design a program to meet all your packaging 

Q: Can Diamond Forest supply me with plastic pallets?
A: Diamond Forest specializes in Packaging Solutions. We
    offer plastic, wood, plywood, metal and corrugated pallets.
    For additional product offerings click on products and 

Q: Is Diamond Forest restricted to manufacturing standard
    sized pallets?
A: Diamond Forest manufactures standard and specialty
    pallets using hardwood and softwood lumber.

Q: Do my pallets have to be Heat Treated? 
A: If your pallets are being used for export, they are required 
    to be Heat Treated to meet ISPM-15 regulations. If you 
    have questions regarding which countries require Heat 
    Treatment, call your sales representative at 

Q: What regions can Diamond Forest Resources pallet
     network reach?
A: Diamond Forest Resources can cover your packaging 
    needs throughout North America. With over 160 network
    suppliers and multiple carrier relationships; we can handle
    your packaging challenges.



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